Ontario Soccer Long-Term Player Development

As the introduction and implementation of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) becomes a reality across Ontario, we want to provide those interested with a convenient and accessible place to find relevant information about the subject.

At the Brampton Soccer Club (BSC), we are dually committed to enhancing enjoyment of the sport for recreational players, and providing opportunities to develop technical skills for players that aspire for a future career in soccer. LTPD is an integral aspect of bringing this idea to life. In essence, LTPD is all about putting player development first.

Although it may seem like a new concept in Ontario, LTPD is simply an approach to creating an inclusive environment for developing young players to their fullest potential—a philosophy that has been established for years in some of the best soccer nations in the world.

We recognize that the implementation of LTPD will be an adjustment for many. To ease this transition, LTPD will be phased in gradually across the province. As with any other process that brings about change, there will be many challenges. However, we are confident in overcoming these challenges and seeing the benefits of LTPD come to life within our soccer programs.

In an effort to increase awareness about the upcoming transition, we have been communicating regularly with our Districts, Clubs, coaches, and parents. We want to ensure that everyone involved is familiar with how LTPD will change local and competitive league structures in the future.

The information included here has been circulated throughout our 2011 age group as new updates on the progress of LTPD are made available.

Please check back regularly, as we will be adding more information over time, including links to articles about LTPD and the “best-practices” in soccer around the globe.

Ontario Soccer has hosted many open-forums, informal stakeholder gatherings, and sessions with coaching leaders and Clubs across Ontario. These meetings serve as a network for information exchange between members of the soccer community. At BSC, we strive to create a similar network for informative awareness. We utilize open communication and meetings to make sure you receive important information about the progression of LTPD in Ontario.