Dear BSC Members,

Firstly, we hope all families are safe and healthy!

Based on recent Covid-19 updates from Ontario Soccer, it has been confirmed that all Soccer Activities and Operations are cancelled for April.  As a continuation of the supplementary training program, our BSC Technical Leads have put together the below Home Programs for April:

  1. BSC Home Program U8-U12 Version 2
  2. BSC Home Program U13+ Version 2
  3. All Updated Program Video Links for Version 2
  4. BSC Home Program GK Version

In addition to the Home Program, all competitive players will be completing individual plans using the below resources

  1. Individual Skills Plan U8-U12 (Package & ISP Template)
  2. Individual Development Plan U13+ (Package & IDP Template)

During this time period, we ask that all ISP/IDP documents be sent back to your Age Group Coaches and that you spend a minimum of 60+ mins per week on aspects you’ve mapped out in your ISP/IDP Template.

Lastly, we will be offering Online Seminars for BSC Players every Friday throughout April. You can view the BSC seminar schedule by clicking here!

If you have any questions regarding the home program, please reach out to Joey Lombardi, Massimo Di Ioia and Des Gardner via email.

Stay safe and keep up the great work!
Joey Lombardi
Director of Player & Coach Development