As we all work together to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we recognize the need to keep our athletes active during the quarantine period. The BSC technical staff has designed a Soccer Home Program for our U8-U12 Grassroots players and our U13+ Competitive Rep / OPDL players. This program has been structured for individual purposes to avoid any risks with Covid-19.

All our team managers have shared these documents with their respective teams via e-mail communication. Parents and players, please check your inboxes.

Attached is the following documents for review:
1) – BSC Home Program U8-U12

2) – BSC Home Program U13+

The home program has a Technical, Physical and Video Analysis component. For the U8-U12 players, the physical activity that is mapped out on their weekly schedule is general running, jogging and daily movement (No prescribed exercises as we just want them to be physically active).  Parents will need to help supervise the home programs, especially because of the age group.

For the U13+, we have mapped out specific Physical Exercises around Core Work, Extensive Running, Intensive Running and General Strength Training. Again, it is recommended that parents help supervise the activities and reinforce the prescribed program.

Inside the document is the Performance Analysis tasks along with the download links, every week until April 5 players will have clips they need to watch and specific questions that they need to answer. Players will then be required to forward their answers across to their coaches for review.

NOTE – All physical exercises are to be done using the players own body weight. We are not experts that can prescribe weight training programs.

Here are video links to some Coerver exercises/moves that will complement the home program:-–––

Here are some additional video resources:-–

This is just a small snippet of what a player could do during this down time. We recommend players to be proactive and do more than what is being asked for from the Home program. This way when we get back to regular operations, we are ready to go!

If you have any questions in regards to this new BSC Home Soccer Program, please contact: Joey Lombardi: or