Here, you will find targeted programs designed to develop competitive-level rep players outside of the regular season.

Tactical Skill Development

Long-Term Player Development Program

Brampton Youth Soccer Player Development Center (PDC)

U11-U12 (Ages 10-12)


The primary objective of creating the Player Development Center (PDC) is to provide a high-level, “competitive” training environment tailored to the age-specific needs of individual players. The program will be designed and coordinated under the supervision of our technical staff, and run by our staff head coaches. The PDC will be an age-specific, curriculum-based program that is developed according to LTPD. In addition to developing technical skills, it will place a strong emphasis on progressing within our club, inspiring athletes to compete at the highest level possible. Upon graduation from the PDC, players will be well equipped to enhance their chances of progressing to higher-level leagues including the OPDL, Provincial Teams, Toronto F.C. Academy, and National Teams..

The Golden Age of Learning

During this age group, role models can have a profound effect on the way children develop their personal character traits. Players begin to identify with famous athletes and successful teams, and strive to mimic their skills and personality traits. Skill demonstration is crucial during this stage, as players learn best by actively engaging in activities rather than merely watching. During this time period, players transition from a self-centered to a self-critical mindset, with a high level of stimulation during basic skills training.

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Program Details

The program is set to begin the week of Saturday, January 26th, 2019. The last session of the season will be Saturday, April 6th, 2019.

How Much

Cost of the program can be viewed under your Player Profile.


All participants should come dressed appropriately for training, with soccer shoes/cleats, shin pads, and socks. Players are also encouraged to bring their training gear provided by BSC.

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Areas of Development

Optimal window for enhancing training speed, flexibility, and physical skills.


Building a greater repertoire of soccer-related movements. Technical skills are developed during training and within the context of basic soccer-related games.


Developing environmental awareness and encouraging decision-making within the sport using simple combinations, marking, and running into space (me, we, us).


Intrinsic motivation is developed by creating a fun atmosphere, with a focus on player enhancement. Imagination, creativity, and discipline will all be part of the curriculum.

Program Breakdown
  • Week 1

    Passing & receiving

  • Week 2

    Skills training, ball control mastery

  • Week 3

    Shooting & finishing

  • Week 4


  • Week 5

    Small, sided games & tournament

  • Week 6

    Offensive & defensive principles

  • Week 7

    Combination play with/without opposition

  • Week 8

    Awareness of space

  • Week 9

    Creative play

  • Week 10

    Small sided games & tournament